Procuring a Right Replacement Battery for your Laptop

As we aware the battery in a laptop is designed to provide dependable power; however, all rechargeable batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a charge. Batteries made of different materials have different lifecycles. For instance, with moderate use, Li-Ion batteries are expected to deliver around 80% of their original capacity after 300 charge cycles or about one year of use. This loss in capacity (aging) is normal and irreversible.

Different types of batteries available in market with various specifications, size and capacities- like original and compatible with multiple manufacturers and sellers with confusing warranty terms.     

It’s always recommended to go for an original battery to get perfect backup and support, to keep your laptop running cool. Make sure procuring it from trusted store with manufactured support.

Compatible batteries are 40 to 60% lesser then original batteries price; just make sure before procuring, in some cases might face battery over heat, less backup and other related issues. Always go with trusted brand with good warranty support after sales.

Before procuring, just collect the Laptop and Battery details to buy a perfect replacement.

  • Laptop Manufacture Brand Name
  • Laptop Model Number
  • Laptop Part Number
  • Battery Model Number
  • Battery Part Number
  • Battery Rating 

How to remove or replace your laptop battery

Almost all the laptop batteries can easily removable by our own located in the backside of laptop and just releasing a lock latch, in few models require an expert support,

Procure a Replacement Battery

Please make sure that you have found and collected the Laptop and Battery details, and have tested the condition of the present battery.







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